Jula (Full length)

- Released September 24th, 2013.

Song listing:
  1. Halfway Poem
  2. Lie to Me
  3. Jula
  4. Silent Bell
  5. Heavy Hands
  6. Mine
  7. Coat of Arms
  8. Lead Us
  9. On and On

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Press Release:
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Hunter Moon (Full length)

- Released January 2, 2009.

Song listing:
  1. Goodbye Don't Go
  2. Fire
  3. Can't Come Home
  4. Constant
  5. Pen On Paper
  6. Focus & Blur
  7. Bottled Up
  8. Passing
  9. Pride
  10. Mirror
  11. As Animal
A kind review:

"I got to see this band live, and just had to buy their music. All acoustic, with no distortions, it's a rarity nowadays. A must buy! I would rate them one of the best bands I've heard."
-by tunesOne

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Serves You Right (7inch)

- Released July 2, 2010.

Song listing:
Serves You Right (side A)
Young Girls Heart (side B)

A kind review:

"These guys are the real deal. Beautiful kids and a beautiful performer. These kids had me on the floor in tears hearing them a few years ago in DC. Remember if you are discovered as you might be, keep it in the basement and be weary of the suits. Good luck to you and keep making your beautiful music"
-by iggypopwasking

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Limbs (7inch)

A colaborative 7" by Some Say Leland & Spirits Of The Red City

Song listing:
The Leaves (side A)
Long Hand Luke (side B)

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